“Loving them was worth it, even if we didn’t have them for that long. You gotta grab love when you have the chance.”

A series of “Godwinks” – a.k.a., those coincidences that aren’t really coincidences – bring Alice and Jack together. After literally bumping into each other, they set out on an road trip to a wedding together and then start playing hooky from work to spend more time together.

But as the two grow closer together, Alice is about to get some news that may change everything. It’s the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries movie, “A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love.”

Our Review: A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love

Godwinks are afoot in the second installment of the Godwink Christmas universe. But you don’t need to know anything that happened in “A Godwink Christmas” (2018) to watch “A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love”.

In fact, we were surprised to learn that the Kathie Lee Gifford plays an entirely different character in “Meant for Love”. In this movie, she is Olga, easily one of the most annoying moms in the world – constantly meddling and letter herself into her daughter’s apartment whenever she wants.

But the real story here (and this movie is actually based on a real love story) is the romance between Alice (Cindy Busby) and Jack (Benjamin Hollingsworth). Both must learn to live life to the fullest – and how to not be afraid to love.

Jack is looking for a promotion, while Alice doesn’t really love her job at all. Everything seems to be going well – except Cindy has been noticing some odd symptoms and she is shocked by a diagnosis of MS.

Not wanting to burden John, she pushes him away. And this sets up another lame, contrived mixup, where John sees Alice kissing her cousin good night. John knows and has met this cousin, by the way, which makes this all the lamer.

They’re totally meant for love. Except here, apparently. As he’s suddenly ready to give up on the love of his life and his job.

But another godwink, in the form of a business meeting, sets John straight. With a little help from her family, a fake gas leak, and some inspiration from “Love, Actually” (yes, it involves cue cards), they are once again meant for love.

Plus, we get a ridiculously unexpected reunion between long lost friends.

As for the rest?

The Nice List

Good Chemistry

Alice and Jack are really cute together. You want these two to be together – and it feels wrong when she drives them apart.

Plus, they set it up so they had a lot of shared interests (both loved Christmas music and coffee) and experiences (both of them had lost their father) – they even had the same worries as their romance was beginning to bloom.

Looked Great, Felt Christmasy

OK, seriously. What was up with all those Christmas stockings in Cindy’s apartment?

Were the stockings multiplying? Did someone feed the stockings after midnight?

Hallmark nailed it again with more great visuals throughout.

Aside from that, there were lots of Christmas activities – baking cookies, decorating the tree, putting up lights, presents, snow angels, and more.

You’ll Laugh…

  • As Alice and Jack text back and forth about helping him find little ornaments for his little Christmas tree.
  • When Olga says: “We’ve got a plan!”

You’ll Cry…

After Alice is diagnosed with MS. The scene with her mom, when she tells her daughter she is worthy of love, is particularly heartbreaking.

Four Hours of Cindy Busby

If you started watching “Christmas Cupcakes” at 7 p.m., you could have switched over to this movie at 9 p.m. on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

Both movies debuted in the U.S. on November 17, 2019 – and both star Cindy Busby.

The Naughty List

The Contrived Mixup

Yes, we already called this out for its stupidity. But we’re doing it again.

It really bugged us because MS wasn’t enough of an obstacle for these two. They had to layer on a lame and contrived mixup.

Because Hallmark.

In “Write Before Christmas”,  the ex-boyfriend saw Jessica kissing Luke. And he knew it was Luke.

These rules should apply universally. Unless… maybe John needs to pay a visit to Dr. Wes to get his eyes checked!

Unanswered Questions

Multiple scenes took place in the family store. Aside from one scene, it’s always dead empty. How does that place stay open with no customers? Why did they even need to expand to the space next door?

What do you call the type of inconvenient coincidence when your mother texts you just as you’re almost about to kiss a guy for the first time? A godsneeze? Bad timing, Olga!

The WORST List

Jack’s Dark Past

So we learn that Jack’s brother died at the age of 13 (brain tumor) AND his parents died three years ago (car crash).

OK, we always expect at least one dead family member in a Hallmark movie.

But three? Wowza. That was really heavy.

And speaking of heavy (what follows isn’t a criticism, as we know this is based on a true story)… MS is pretty emotionally heavy for a romance movie. In a typical Hallmark Christmas romance movie, it’s like “I’ve known you for two weeks, I love you.” In this one, it was “I’ve known you for two weeks, I want to take care of you forever.”

It’s one thing for her immediate family to take on. But for someone who barely knows her? That seemed like a lot to wrap up in a pretty bow just in time before fading out on the kiss.

A Family Business for Christmas

The whole storyline involving the family store was pretty boring.

We get that they had to show Sally Ann was a capable store manager and fit to take over. But none of it was thrilling and much less time could have been devoted to this part of the story.

You’ll Cringe…

  • When Mickey comes a caroling to make his wife swoon. Sweet in theory. But it was pitchy, dawg.
  • When Alice and Jack made snow angels, the snow looked like styrofoam. Not snow.
  • When Alice invites herself on Jack’s trip with him. She was already in front of his door. Similarly, Jack shows up in front of her door (before they bake cookies). Both these scenes are kind of stalkery. Sure, they live across the street from each other, but it wasn’t like they came over when they saw each other. They were there. Waiting. No notice. In Hallmark movies, this is just normal. In real life, it’s getting very near to restraining order territory.

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A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love

Above Average

Despite some uneven writing, “A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love” managed to be slightly better than the original – and the average Christmas romance movie. We could have done with far less focus on the expanding and diversifying of the family business – in favor of some more holiday cheer and joy. Still, there’s enough here to recommend giving this one a watch – as long as your schedule and Hallmark’s coincide.

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