“Since mom and dad are gone, Christmas means nothing to me.”

E.J. Baxter had it all in New York – the perfect job, apartment, and fiancee. At least until her fiancee cheated on her with her boss, she was fired from her PR firm, and she was forced to move to Kalispell, Montana because it was the only place offering her a job.

Once there, she comes up with an idea to help raise money for the Search and Rescue Squad by putting together a “naked” calendar, featuring 12 hunky (to varying degrees) rescue workers – including one who develops feelings for her. It’s the 2009 Lifetime movie, “12 Men of Christmas”.

Our Review: 12 Men of Christmas

This is really not a Christmas movie. The most Christmasy thing about this movie is the opening credits, which feature scenes from Christmas in New York and a holiday song.

From there, we get less than 10 minutes of events that happen around Christmas, but are in no way Christmasy. We’re treated to E.J.’s fiancee Noah cheating on her with their boss during a Christmas party.

After that, there’s no Christmas to be be found until the final (rushed) 10 minutes – and even then, Christmas is all in the background. It’s never front and center.

The characters do nothing Christmasy. The plot isn’t based around anything having to do with Christmas.

Aside from being a terrible Christmas movie, this is simply a terrible movie. It’s billed as a romantic comedy, but manages to be neither.

“12 Men of Christmas” features terrible dialogue, shallow characters, and it’s frankly hard to watch – we probably would’ve turned it off if we weren’t reviewing it.

Also, the title of the movie is very misleading. The calendar has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. Mr. December doesn’t even wear something to tie into the holiday.

The WORST List

Seriously Lacking That Christmas Feel

Visuals were lacking. You won’t see any Christmas activities – again, the most you get is during the opening scene, and some basic background decorations.

Hoping for any sounds of Christmas? Well, you won’t hear any Christmas carols after the opening credits or any Christmasy sound effects.


The 12 guys are all primping, competing, and trash talking each other. It’s not sexy.

Also, she buys muffins as a thank you present for one of the guys, but then tells him not to eat any before the calendar shoot.

The Romantic Leads Are Terrible to Each Other

E.J. and Will Albrecht call each other by their last names until over an hour into the movie.

On top of that, E.J. constantly emasculates Will.

In one of the “key” scenes, after confesses his feelings for E.J., Will tells E.J.: “It’s awful. You are bossy, and you’re rude and way too opinionated, and you’re arrogant … you really do think that God created the world with your help.” And also: “I’m just as repulsed as you are by this.”

You’ll Cringe…

  • When Noah says: “Why don’t you take your cute little butt for one last turn around the room…”
  • When Will reveals his feelings for E.J.
  • When they send E.J. down the mountain abseiling all alone. All the other people went in pairs.
  • When the nurse rips up the calendar and says: “Merry Christmas to me. Mr. December is no longer available.”

 You’ll Yell at TV…

Constantly! If you can get through it. But we don’t recommend trying.

12 Men of Christmas


Most of this movie doesn’t even take place during Christmastime. So there’s not much of a tie to Christmas here – and there are also no feel good or sweet Christmas moments you’d hope for in a good – or even average – holiday movie. We won’t be watching this one ever again.

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